About Us

APPREZIA Mejores Prácticas, S.L. is a Spanish SME located in Paterna, Valencia, which emerges with the objective of delivering expert services in the areas of Sustainable Development, Prevention & Management Systems, and R&D, by integrating innovation, proficiency and efficiency. A strategic selection of key specialists with more than 10 years of experience in different fields, shapes its multidisciplinary team.

Its mission is to provide specialized services to different type of entities and organizations, such as project management, consulting, technical & quality assistance, auditing and professional training. These activities support APPREZIA’s main areas through specific knowledge lines.


Our Expertise

The Sustainable Development department tackles the global challenges of energy, environment and sustainability, which include activities like energy efficiency analysis and measures; innovative technological solutions; sustainability and environmental plans; sustainable urban development, carbon footprint assessment; climate action initiatives; and equality plans. This area is also aimed to support entities in their economic, social and environmental responsibility strategy.

The Prevention & Management Systems area is focused on supporting entities in prevention-related activities and efficient management systems, such as: regulatory audits; emergency plans; hazard protection; safety & health; quality, environmental, energy and R&D management; healthy business model; maintenance of systems; and business management.

To complete the approach, the R&D and Innovation area concentrates in EU projects’ development and coordination, at European, national and regional projects, in topics related to climate change, energy, environment, knowledge transfer and learning. It also focuses in providing strategic support to organizations involved in R&D activities, in terms of project management and consulting; innovative projects and technical activities development; and project dissemination, exploitation and evaluation.

In addition, business management and entrepreneurship are also part of APPREZIA’s expertise, by offering quality, environmental and risk management in the business setting, as well as management policies and strategic vision.

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Horizontal activities

Training and innovation are horizontal activities reinforcing all of APPREZIA’s areas. Specialized training is consistently offered in sustainability, energy efficiency, sustainable procurement, prevention, and management systems. Students and professionals are the main targets of the training through entities, universities, professional associations, high schools and VET organizations.

Innovation is notably present within the R&D and EU projects activities. It is aimed to connect the different knowledge areas and especially canalize sustainable development actions through R&D and EU projects. Based on the analysis of different financial programs, generation of ideas, proposal preparation, development of project activities and project coordination, this strategy combines the strengths of the company resulting in added value actions.

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